Every company or organisation strives to provide the right product or service with the right quality at the right time so that there is real added value for the customer. The Lean Thinking training gives you concrete tools to tackle this within your company.

Many organisations already use some useful techniques from the Lean toolbox, but Lean Thinking is more than that. In this three-day training, we cover the four essential dimensions to make your company a Lean Thinking organisation: product, process, people & organisation and operations management. The combination of all these dimensions contributes to a mindset that aims to deliver maximum value to the (internal) customer.

Training approach

This three-day course offers an alternation between theory and practice. Through a Business Game, we let you experience how some Lean principles help you improve efficiency and effectiveness. Then, on the basis of a case study, the elements provided in the theory are applied for the first time and initial individual and group feedback is given by the trainer.


  • Business Game: improve your efficiency and effectiveness in 3 rounds of 3 x 3 minutes each and understand the link with some Lean principles
  • Introduction: history, application areas of the Lean method in companies
  • Dimensions in a Lean organisation: product – process – people & organisation – operations management
  • Organisational and cultural transformation: applying Lean to E2E processes and/or entities within the organisation
  • Product dimension: Voice of the Customer, Customer Value Analyse, Value Stream Mapping
  • Process dimension: The 5 key principles of Lean (Value, Flow, Pull, Standardize, Perfection), problem definition, continuous improvement approach, Lean tools to improve processes;
  • People & organisation dimension: autonomous teams, participative management,
  • Operations management dimension: workload balancing, Total Team Effectiveness, communication blueprint, measurement tracking team KPIs, visualisation


Jan Cumps, Training Director BDO Academy