This training consists of two parts:

Part 1: policy and agreements (first half-day)

  • Introduction: a teleworking policy with space for the individual employee
    • Results BDO telework survey: facts & figures
    • Impact of telework on productivity, well-being and motivation
    • The role of managers during telework
  • What team agreements do you create and how?
    • What is a team agreement and what is its importance?
    • What information do you need?
    • How and when do you communicate with your team, stakeholders and clients?
    • How do you independently work together from a distance?
    • How do you evaluate the results?
  • Digital roleplay and exercise: organise a fictive team meeting and agree on 1 aspect of the team agreements.
  • Debriefing and agreements on the practical applications for your organisation.

Get to work between the two sessions:

  • Concrete testing and applying of the team agreements in your own team

Part 2: sharing experiences, best practices and advice (second half-day)

  • Sharing experiences you gained within your organisation
  • Advice and best practices to implement structural telework via, for example, techniques to organise and seize meetings, and the use of interactive tools
  • Personal reflection on your role as manager

Educational approach

At BDO, we believe in learning by doing. That is why we base our digital training on 3 building blocks:

  • Subject material based on telework research by our BDO experts and theoretical frameworks (most important motivators, Lean techniques, management styles, communication, result-oriented management, … ).
  • Exercises and application possibilities both during the training as well as between the two parts, tailored to your organisation.
  • Sharing experiences, best practices, reflection and feedback This helps you to personally reflect on your role as manager.

Target group

This training is aimed at:

  • Managers of an SME
  • Managers looking for support in their role whilst working in hybrid mode.
  • HR officers who wish to support their managers in the telework/hybrid challenge.
  • Managers active in the public sector, associations, parastatal agencies, federations, …


Geert Volders, Strategy & Transformation expert at BDO Belgium