In this free and exclusive webinars for BDO Interim Managers, Jan De Schepper shares with us his insights from his book ‘ConneXion, 7 Paradoxed for the Modern Leader’, a collaboration with Paul Van Den Bosch.

The entrepreneurial world and society have drastically changed in the past year. Not only with regard to online shopping, remote education or investments in public health care. Companies and their logistical systems, their mutual dependency and especially the rapidly moving environment were questioned as well. It is likely that we are nearing the point ‘what have we learned from this and how can we integrate this in our business plans’. It is important that you have the capacity to adapt to change, not to perfectly adapt to the current circumstances, or even to learn by swiftly adapting your circumstances. (Roland Legrand in De Tijd from 20 March 2020)

Instead of a carefully prepared reaction plan, today’s leaders are in need of ‘the behaviour and the mentality’ to prevent overreacting to yesterday’s developments and help them to look forward.

Indeed, the COVID outbreak at the beginning of 2020 has brought along to a high degree of uncertainty. For many, it led to disorientation, a feeling of losing control and a strong emotional disruption. Yet the pandemic also created many new possibilities. Besides temporary measures (such as teleworking), the implementation of new collaboration tools is likely to be continued after the crisis.

In ‘ConneXion’, it’s not a coincidence that the expression‘an update of leadership’ is used. ‘With this book, we want to update leadership in its broadest sense: in the workplace, in the changing room and in the boardroom, but also the leadership that everyone carries within themselves, even if it’s just over their own lives,’’, state Jan De Schepper and Paul Van Den Bosch.

And also: ‘ConneXion is about the tremendous importance of creating and maintaining connections between and with humans. It is about giving and making others better. In this book, we want to identify the different levels of ‘connection’ to eventually reach the highest possible stage: ConneXion. Thanks to the synergy of our natural brain and artificial intelligence, humans will be able to realise much more in the following years than they are capable of today. But only if we manage to do so in a ‘smart’ way, that is: taking into account the social and emotional aspects, working together and making contact with others, supporting and making each other better, being creative and being allowed to fail, giving feedback and celebrating achievements, caring for ourselves and others.

Jan De Schepper was former topmanager at Telindus, Proximus and youth coach at KV Mechelen. Thanks to these experiences, he has been a direct witness of the influence the sports and business world have on each other. In 2015, he published the book ‘Kopmannen. What leaders can learn from top athletes and vice versa’ (only available in Dutch).
In September 2020, ConneXion was launched. With co-author Paul Van Den Bosch, Jan discusses 7 paradoxes that explain the disruption of leadership.

At the end of 2020, Jan was nominated as the president of Securitas Belgium. Since 2009, Jan is a Board Member of BDO Digital, Automation, and Astrid, which is responsible for the network of police and security services. Moreover, since 2008, Jan is president of ADM, the Share & Connect platform between IT service providers and users.

Jan De Schepper has a Master’s Degree in Sciences and obtained an MBA from Harvard (1997). As former CEO of Telindus and VP Proximus, he focuses on a pragmatic and efficient market approach and business development. As an entrepreneur and strategic thinker, he closely works together with multiple enterprises.