Every course from our offering can also be taken in-company.

Do you prefer a different approach or content? Tailored to your company? Are multiple colleagues interested in the same course? Do you wish to discuss topics you prefer to keep internally?

There are several reasons to organise a training in your organisation.

Based on your own specific expectations, we create a number of scenarios, keeping in mind the following:

BDO Academy has a vast experience with in-company trainings.

Our blended learning journeys helps companies and their employees to grow.

Educational building blocks and forms of learning

Similar to the open sessions, we decide on the optimal blend of approach and form of learning – together with you – when choosing for in-company trainings. Some of the educational building blocks that are frequently used in our courses are:

  • Individual preparation

  • Pre-assessment

  • Post-assessment

  • Business Game

  • (e-)reading

  • Workshops with a fictive / real case

  • Individual projects

  • Group projects

  • Community working

  • Testimonials

  • Certification
  • Quiz

  • Video

  • Roleplay with professional actors

  • Individual coaching – Peer coaching – group coaching

All these learning interventions can be brought to you, both physically as well as digitally, via webinars, (virtual) classroom sessions, distance learning and e-learning.