About BDO Academy

Our services

Each day, our BDO employees help ourclients to grow. We offer services in Audit & Assurance, Tax & Legal, Advisory and Accounting & Reporting.

The BDO Academy converts this rich source of knowledge and experience in training services:

  • Creating and faciliting Blended Learning journeys, both in-company as well as through open sessions;

  • Creating and facilitating coaching and mentoring trajectories;

  • Screening and enriching existing trainings;

  • Supporting the Learning & Development departments;

  • Creating and hosting an online company platform to offer Blended Learning journeys.

The BDO network

The international BDO network was founded in 1963 by three European offices: Binder (UK), Dijker (NL), Otte (D) (of which the initials make up the logo of BDO), an American and a Canadian firm. Today, BDO is one of the most important organisations in the world for Audit, Accountancy and Consultancy.

Structured in a federation of independent offices, BDO is active in more than 167 countries with 1,658 offices worldwide. More than 91,000 people continuously strive for the highest possible level of professional knowledge in order to provide clients with exceptional services at all times.

In Europe, the cradle of BDO, as well as in the Far East with big potential growth possibilities, in the Americas and Africa, BDO employees are at your service to meet the needs of companies, managers, and entrepreneurs to whom they feel a strong connection. Whether you operate worldwide or regionally, BDO can help you to grow your organisation. We assure you of the greatest possible confidentiality for each file we manage.

Thanks to BDO, you can enjoy the benefits of a powerful and internationally known network. We support our clients worldwide, so they feel at home, wherever they may be.