Essentials of Risk Management by Dr. Ariane Chapelle

An indispensable course in risk management for every professional, every entrepreneur, every manager. A 5-star rated course, full of examples, reflexion questions,quizzes and concrete applications both personal and professional context.

This course is in English and made of four modules covering the main elements of a risk management framework: risks to objectives, assessment of risks, mitigation and controls and, how to assess and highlight the value of risk management.


The e-Learning course costs 50 euros (excluding VAT, when applicable). The price covers:

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  • Each module is made of several lessons, including

    • Slides and audio
    • Webinar recording with anecdotes, cases and Q&A
    • Additional References to find on the internet, or books recommended
    • Additional downloadable readings
    • Quiz to test your learning (you can retake them as many times as you want)
  • You will receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.


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  1. What is risk?
  2. Risk and strategy
  3. What is risk management?
  4. Risk management framework
  5. Types of risks
  1. Daily risks
  2. Extreme risks
  3. Examples & Pause and Reflect
  4. Risk Evaluation Scales
  5. Risk Evaluation and decision-making
  1. reventing risks
  2. Reducing impacts
  3. Types of controls
  4. Good and bad controls
  5. The role of insurance
  1. How do you know it works?
  2. Assessing the value of risk management
  3. Examples & Pause and Reflect
  4. Risk Monitoring
  5. Positive Risk Management