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Remote management in hybrid mode


Since the COVID pandemic, teleworking is the standard for many companies. As a manager, you are challenged to structurally anchor teleworking in your organisation. In our two-part digital training, you will learn more on how to pragmatically approach this challenge and the tools to successfully implement teleworking into your organisation.

Webinar: Employee Engagement


Webinar Employee Engagement, Inge van Belle – Klaus Lommatzsch of Herculean Alliance – Duval Union Employee Engagement in times of COVID. Proven marketing insights for a stronger people policy.

Remote Management in Hybrid mode


In the past year, like us, you had to adapt quickly to structural homeworking and organise continuity of service. As the situation continues indefinitely, the more human aspects raise the question: how can I "stand my ground" and continue to manage my team when we are working remotely? How can I ensure that everyone's motivation, commitment and productivity are maintained/stimulated? Are the agreements I have made with my team still good enough to ensure smooth operations? What tools, tips and tricks can I use to make digital collaboration more effective? During our online training you will discover how to approach this change in a pragmatic way and you will also be given the necessary tools to make teleworking a success in your organisation.

Lean Thinking


Every company or organisation strives to provide the right product or service with the right quality at the right time so that there is real added value for the customer. The Lean Thinking training gives you concrete tools to tackle this within your company.

Project Management methods


With the advent of Agile project methods, it is no longer clear to everyone what the right approach is. Agile? Waterfall? Hybride? In this session, we will give you a framework to understand it all and explain some common methods so that you are better able to make the right choice from the start of your project.

Security Awareness Training


Cybercrime is a real scourge in today's digital world. Do you understand how a hacker works to trap you or your employees? A 'behind the scenes' training by one of our cybersecurity experts is definitely a good idea to get or keep the awareness level up to par!

Writing your Business Case


Why do too many projects fail even though project management best practices appear to be used? Project management is sometimes complex, but it can be a real hassle if you don’t have sufficient buy-in from [...]

Process Modeling with BPMN 2.0


Process Modeling is one of the most common ways to visualise and understand processes. Many triggers exist to model processes but the approach and visualisation are common. These two elements – approach and visualisation – are exactly what we will address in this course.

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