VUCA – Web3 – CX – Lean – RPA – Agile – SAFe – CPO – HWoW – AI … all terms we often hear and use. But maybe we don’t really know what they cover. In the “Demystification” webinars, we take one of these concepts and explain it as clearly as possible in one hour.


It seems that currently everything and everyone has to be Agile. But what exactly is “Agile”? Where did it originate from? Who uses it? And where? What is the difference between “agile” and “Agile”? And is “Agile for business” different from Lean? Is Scrum the same as Agile? How do you become Agile as an organisation? What tools are used in Agile environments? …

In this session, we give a clear and structured answer to all these questions – and more.


Jan Cumps, Training Director BDO Academy