The technical security measures of organisations are rapidly increasing alongside technology. Cybercriminals have therefore resorted to attacking the weakest link within the organisation: the employees. The human component is a highly interesting way in for cybercriminals. Research reveals that in a large number of successful data leaks or cyber theft, it was employees who subconsciously or unintentionally provided access to a hacker.

Have you, or your employees, ever considered the dangers of email, text messages, invoice and/or CEO fraud, social media, weak passwords, unsecured cameras, free WIFI or others?

Training approach

The “Security Awareness” training focuses on the above topics and much more, and provides a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what cybercriminals are doing today to trap you, or your employees.

This two-hour course is given at a very understandable level using concrete real-life cases (videos, photos, live demo, etc.) that relate to both professional and personal life.


  • Forget hackers in hoodies: hacking is more than kids dressed in black.
  • The defenders/attackers view: the discrepancy between the protection and the tricks of a hacker.
  • The concept ‘Social Engineering’: the whats and whys
  • Practical ‘Social Engineering’ demo: a showcase of numerous techniques and tips on how to identify the real from the counterfeit.
  • Reconnaissance: the research phase before an attack.
  • Password cracking: a demonstration on how easy it is to hack an individual’s password.
  • Physical Security: bypassing a badge reader and other physical barriers
  • And more

Training materials are reviewed and adapted in due time based on changes in the cyber landscape.

We also offer this training incompany

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